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Saturday 29 April

New Votey image is the original one-off spoof diary strip I did that got this whole thing started.

Friday 28 April


Yeah, my lettering sucks. So as an experiment here is a typeset version of today's installment. Does it work? Or does it stand out and jarr with the style of the strip? I tried dozens of different fonts but this was the best I could come up with (that worked this small) without spending lots of money at Blambot. Is it really necessary anyway to change it, or is my hand lettering legible enough?

I'm really not sure about this, so I would appreciate any feedback, even if it's just yes or no to typsetting.



Thursday 27 April

Wednesday 26 April

Wow! Throwing in a little extra really seems to have boosted my score at Top Web Comics. We've been hovering around the 500 mark for most of the last month and now today I find Planet Karen at 197!

Thanks everyone!

To celebrate, I just got myself a new votey button, and I put in a new picture. Some webcomics put in a new thing every day but I know a lot of people don't drop by that often and I wouldn't want them to miss out. Plus I don't have enough extra stuff to do that. But I'll see if I can find something new a couple of times a week.

Since I did the variant cover last time, it seemed appropriate to give you the regular cover. Next time I'll find something a little more interesting. Promise.


Tuesday 25 April

Bristol Comics Con

There's a big comics convention in Bristol next weekend where I am told issues #1 & 2 of Planet Karen will be available (that's all of March and April in convenient portable dead tree format), as well as Scar Tissue #2, which will have a special PK strip not available anywhere else. I may even be there for a while myself, although I don't really like cons so I probably won't stay long.

Monday 24 April

I just added a vote incentive to the votey button on the right ->

I can't promise I'll update it very regularly, but I have a few things that you might like to see that I'm planning to put here. First one is the Super-Geeky-Variant-(or possibly Alternate)-Cover to Planet Karen #1. I mean, if it's good enough for the big boys to have alternate covers, why not me?

You can vote as often as once per day, and every vote gets me a little higher on the Top Webcomics list, and just maybe encourages a few more people to drop by.

So vote early and vote often!


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Sorry if today's strip was late. There was a problem with Blogger this morning when I tried to post it and I'm not sure when it finally appeared.

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Sunday April 2

I was too ill to do anything much of anything except sleep today, so here's a sketch for a picture I'm thinking of using for the cover to issue #2.

Saturday 1 April

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