Yeah, my lettering sucks. So as an experiment here is a typeset version of today's installment. Does it work? Or does it stand out and jarr with the style of the strip? I tried dozens of different fonts but this was the best I could come up with (that worked this small) without spending lots of money at Blambot. Is it really necessary anyway to change it, or is my hand lettering legible enough?

I'm really not sure about this, so I would appreciate any feedback, even if it's just yes or no to typsetting.



I found the typeset version of the strip much more reasonable. Not jarring at all.
I have my monitor set to 1024x768. I've been having to squint to read. This is an improvment, as it takes a lot of guesswork out of deciphering handwriting. It's a good font. No jarring.

I'd applaud the happy font, but, well, this is the internet, and there's no way for you to hear it.
I don't mind your handwriting. It's sort of a relief that *something* in this world isn't computer generated. But that said, the font isn't bad.

I don't mind your handwriting either, Karen. Have you thought of possibly making a font from your handwriting and using that? There is a simple way of doing so through It's only $9.00US to do it, and it's still your handwriting, but with it done digital, it's consistent, and you don't have to worry, like I do, of your C becoming a G.

Came here from Devil's Panties. Nice Stuff.

I've been working the last two months getting my own off the ground -- The first strip will publish on May 15th.

- Jimbo
Gambatte ne, Jim. Your site looks like lots of fun already.

I've found that it helped a lot just to use a different pen for the lettering. This won't show up for a few days because of my ten day lead time, but hopefully it will improve legibility a bit.
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