Wednesday 26 April

I'm guessing "Too Much Information" might have something to do with the jump in ratings. He's told people on the front page to go vote for you. Which is a good thing, for otherwise I would never have seen this, and I like the comic. I only wish the images were a BIT bigger, since it's a bitch to read the writing right now.
Yeah, sorry about that. I know my lettering sucks.

I'm trying to make it clearer, but sometimes there are too many words and not enough room and they all get a bit squished.

The image size is at the maximum Blogger allows. I don't really have an alternative option right now.
I don't know what medium you use to create the comics, but perhaps you could use a handwriting font and add the text in photoshop or something? Though I like the look of your handwriting... it fits so nicely with the drawings. Oh well.
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