Frequently Asked Questions

Because Occasionally Asked Questions makes it sound like a tree.

Why is the date on the comic always ten days behind the actual date?

Because it is a diary, and I could not publish a comic on the date it covers because I won't know what it will be about until that day is mostly over. Ten days gives me some lead time to allow for being ill, having too much fun to draw, or technical problems, and still be able to update without a break. Most comic artists work with a longer lead time, but I didn't want to get such a distance between the actual date and the publish date that it lost that sense of nowness, and ten days seeemed like a workable compromise.

Is this really your diary? Is it true?

This question is answered here.

Can you tell me a bit more about yourself?

I publish a daily diary of my inmost thoughts. If that doesn't say enough about me, tough.

Why don't you do your comics in colour? They'd look really good and more people would like them.

Because there are only so many creative hours in a day. Given a choice between 7 comics in b/w a week or 3 in colour, which would you prefer?

Is Planet Karen available as an actual comic I can read on the bus?

Yes. It is published monthly as a mini-comic and each issue contains (unsurprisingly) a month's worth of comics. These are available from Scar Comics.

Will you draw stuff for me if I give you money?

Yes I will. Information on commissions can be found here.

Why should I make a Paypal donation?

Planet Karen is available entirely free of charge, and I recieve no income from it. That's cool because I do it primarily because I like doing it, but art materials and computers are not free. Any money donated goes toward keeping the comic running (and in emergencies, paying the rent). So if you like Planet Karen this is a concrete way of showing your appreciation as well as helping ensure that it continues to be produced in the future even if the scanner explodes.

Where do you get your ideas from?

The Muse Agency. One of these days I'll get around to writing a comic about them.

If you have any more questions I haven't covered, leave a comment.

Will you draw stuff... If I give you money. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!
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