Friday 16 June

Hate banks. Always did. Screw you comin' and goin'. Like a bad twins tag team match.
I never did understand the idea of charging one money for proving that one didn't have any money. Esp. that much money.
Eh, time for a 'i hate banks, too' donation.
Nite, you are a certified sweetie and I thank you from the bottom of my wallet.
Okay, I'm embarassed now.

I've just received another donation and I kinda feel like this comic came across as me begging for money. That was never my intention, it was just a really crap thing that happened that day, and one of my ways of dealing with crap things (as you may have noticed) is to make comics out of them.

I truely appreciate every penny, though, and I would like to give a big virtual hug to everyone who has donated. When I have the creativity to spare between getting 7 comics out a week, doing a cover for issue #4 (due in 5 days and I haven't started), and all the ideas I want to get down for non-Planet Karen comics, I will make a new donation art to thank you.
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