Sunday 18 June

I just want to say, this site is very original and interesting and its fun to read too. do you do all your own drawings?
My last boss used to get amused at how i'd scream at equipment failures but remained calm when people failed. "Hey, Petty Officer? I lost the forms, and a Top Secret Document and two bullets, and i think i shredded the logs for August."
"Oh, and the computer crashed."

It's because I expect equipment to work as designed. It has no choice, no intent, so i get very, very disappointed when it doesn't function.

People? I have lost all faith in most people. When they fail me, i'm not even surprised.
Hi Alan and welcome. Pull up a bat and make yourself at home. Yes, it's all my own work except for where I've included photographic images or movie posters.

Not only do I do all my own drawings, I even do drawings for other people sometimes.

Nite, I am the kind of person who cannot wear a watch because it starts going backwards after a couple of days. I can never quite trust machines.

People are unpredictable too, but sometimes in a good way. Just don't expect them to act like Friends on TV.
You've been SAVED!

WoW can take every waking, non-working moment. And it will be working moments you would find yourself cutting back on first.

Trust me.
Ehm..heh... b00bz rock....
(sorry, couldn't resist)
anon - Hah. If this one got you excited you'll need a cold shower when we hit the June 22 entry.
I'll be back in Amsterdam by then...
Maybe I'll be slightly-more-used to exposed skin by then...
Right now, I'm working in Hicksville, GA, USA.
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