Thursday 08 June

Here is the final news report from the BBC on the incident the next day.

Oh yeah, one other thing. This is my 100th episode. Go me.

Imagine what they're going to find for the next century in Iraq, Africa, Viet-Nam, and the list goes on. Good excuse for a lively, sunny day, though.
Yay for 100! Here's to a hundred more!
You;re from Bristol? That is too weird. Have you heard of Andy Council?
No, I'm afraid he must be one of the 380,000 people in Bristol I don't know.
He did some artwork for the Chamber of Commerce, which is why I thought you may have heard of him- he portrayed Bristol as a dinosaur. Pretty cool.
I looked him up and found the dinosaur. It's impressive but barely recogniseable as Bristol (the suspension bridge is a giveaway). I am surprised I'd never heard of him before now.
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