Tuesday 13 June

So, now this comic guy can tell his friends: "It IS true! AND i get beat down in it!"


If i piss you off, can i be in your strip?
you'll have to join the queue...
Yikes! (shrivels into little snake...) "Nithe comic, mith." (And quickly slithers away).
Did he buy it?
I was going to include where he whimpered "can I have your autograph?" in the last panel but there wasn't room.
If it is really true, you think your landlord likes your diary anyways? I bet!
Haha,funny. I started reading your comic/diary I think Thurs.(March 8) And finished it today. Saturday. I love it. Awesome. =]
Hm...now I want to make a diary comic, just so I can yell at people. It's an amusing way to pass time when bored.
and it pays well…the yelling, not the diary comic making – unless, of course, if you are as talented an artist as the beautiful Karen - the yelling does pay well…I’d suggest looking for jobs with descriptions like: has expert level knowledge and will lead knowledge transfer initiative - translate that to: paid for regularly scheduled yelling…and occasionally give a beating to spice the week up a bit
Chocolate Crucifix! - The only think for Easter - send some to Australia by Starr flight
I can see why the question "is it true" is relevant. If your experiences are truthfully displayed, even if the are abbreviated, then they give an insight that is otherwise lacking. Also, there is the identification with the 'celebrity'; we want veracity, as shown by our obsession with the products of paparazzi. If fictional accounts of their lives sufficed, then we would be happy with fan fic. Instead, we want every grisly detail! That said, I'd never answer that question honestly; who wants to be so exposed? Did Patrick White expose his true self in his autobiography, oir was it just another of his characters? Maybe it's easiest to be bloody honest when you are old and curmudgeonly in any case.
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