Wednesday 14 June

Girl talk, gotta love it. Good luck with the storyline coming up. How far are you publishing ahead? I'm only about 2 weeks.
Jim, I love your comments but sometimes I don't think you quite get that this is a diary. Compare the date on the latest strip with the current date and you should be able to work out the lead time I work to.

Of course if I was real organised I'd finish one before I started the next. As it is there have been times when I've had 6 strips finished but been rushing to complete the one for today.
*Stupid e-mail never working and making me unable to send you an e-mail which is stupid...*

Woo HOO! I'm in a comic! And ripping off my man at the same time!!!!

Love your work babe! comment on my journal and we'll go out for a pint this week.
Yay! Jess you found me at last!

I know it doesn't look much like you, but I don't do portraits. Sorry.
Tis all good! I look so cute!! And Darko loved it, though he wants to know what we were talking about now.. hehehe.
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