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Computer fund update: it looks like just about everyone who wanted to help out has done so now. I'm going to wait one more day in case anyone else wants to throw me a few dollars, pounds, yen, or groats, and then I'll use it to get the best computer I can afford. If you need any extra incentive I intend to do a special exclusive desktop wallpaper that will only go to people who have donated this week.

Thanks so much to everyone who has contributed. You have saved Planet Karen. You have a right to feel smug.

Saturday 15 July

Friday 14 July

So it's not as finished as I'd like, but it's scanned and up on time. Go public library computers!

Fund update: I'm staggered to find how much has been donated. It's getting close enough that a replacement computer is now looking like a real possibility rather than a nice idea. I don't know how to thank you, other than by giving you more comics.

The "Get Karen a Computer" fund

Things are starting to get a bit difficult. I have a couple more completed strips ready to upload but they aren't in order. I'm starting to accumulate a pile of comics waiting to be scanned. I haven't missed a day since I first started this strip, and it's depressing that the run is going to be broken by computer problems.

If everyone who read this comic regularly were to donate $2 then I could get a whole new computer. I'm not expecting that; replacing the dead one would be quite enough. So far six people have donated, and they have been so generous that I am one quarter of the way to affording a replacement. I'm going to stick some junk on ebay and see if I can generate some cash that way, too, but I know that's not going to be enough.

I really need your help to keep Planet Karen alive. And not even a lot of help. The cost of one comic or magazine would be enough. You could make the difference. You could save the comic.

Thursday 13 July


I'm having some computer problems. A little earlier my computer shut down without warning - I suspect it was overheating, since it refused to boot up for a while and then worked again. My monitor is also being problematic. If I vanish for a while you will know why.

I don't like handing around the begging bowl, but I don't have any money to fix the computer if there is anything seriously wrong with it, so a few donations could make the difference between me continuing to give you comics on a daily basis and me vanishing offline for an indeterminate period.

I'm not a happy bunny,

Update: I switched on the machine long enough to download all the finished strips to my MP3 player so I can upload them whenever I get access to a computer, and even after a few minutes it was getting very hot. I'm pretty certain that the main fan has died so I need to get that fixed before I can even look to see what else is wrong.


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I changed the punchline! Click on the image to see the original version. More info here.

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The Planet Karen forum is now live at girl-wonder. Come say hi!

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For more thoughts and the opportunity to express your own views on this topic go here.

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