Friday 14 July

So it's not as finished as I'd like, but it's scanned and up on time. Go public library computers!

Fund update: I'm staggered to find how much has been donated. It's getting close enough that a replacement computer is now looking like a real possibility rather than a nice idea. I don't know how to thank you, other than by giving you more comics.

"Crashing beauty" -- Nature will not be controlled.

"Chess Be-headed" -- The masses will rule, not the corporation.

Together? Rule not, and the world is your friend.

My 2 cents.
You stumble across the most amazing things!

(Yay donators!)
Chances are we all stumble across such things.
The fact that Karen notices such things is nifty. The fact that she shares these moments is wonderful. The method by which she shares her observations is to be cherished.
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