The "Get Karen a Computer" fund

Things are starting to get a bit difficult. I have a couple more completed strips ready to upload but they aren't in order. I'm starting to accumulate a pile of comics waiting to be scanned. I haven't missed a day since I first started this strip, and it's depressing that the run is going to be broken by computer problems.

If everyone who read this comic regularly were to donate $2 then I could get a whole new computer. I'm not expecting that; replacing the dead one would be quite enough. So far six people have donated, and they have been so generous that I am one quarter of the way to affording a replacement. I'm going to stick some junk on ebay and see if I can generate some cash that way, too, but I know that's not going to be enough.

I really need your help to keep Planet Karen alive. And not even a lot of help. The cost of one comic or magazine would be enough. You could make the difference. You could save the comic.

Yikes! Uhm, okay, new fan, new...? New logic board? New mother board? New RAM? New Disk? What can be diagnosed by your local repair guy? Short of buying, or financing a new box?

Can you finance, or do you just need to avoid such things?

Please, let me know, and I'll try to help out.
It's a good thought, but we are talking about a 1.5ghz machine here. By the time the repair guy has the lid off I've spent enough money to be looking at replacements on ebay. So then he tells me that whatever component is broken cannot be replaced by anything that will fit on my ancient system and I need to upgrade half the computer's internal workings, and leaves me with a box that started off as a 1.2ghz and has now been bodged up to 2.2 or whatever the current minimum spec is, by which time I could have got a 2.6ghz off ebay, with 1gb RAM, a 160gb hard drive and all the up to date fittings.

Anyhow, thanks to some generous donations I am close to affording a decent spec. machine. Well, decent compared to a 1.5ghz, and good enough to make comics with.
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