I'm having some computer problems. A little earlier my computer shut down without warning - I suspect it was overheating, since it refused to boot up for a while and then worked again. My monitor is also being problematic. If I vanish for a while you will know why.

I don't like handing around the begging bowl, but I don't have any money to fix the computer if there is anything seriously wrong with it, so a few donations could make the difference between me continuing to give you comics on a daily basis and me vanishing offline for an indeterminate period.

I'm not a happy bunny,

Update: I switched on the machine long enough to download all the finished strips to my MP3 player so I can upload them whenever I get access to a computer, and even after a few minutes it was getting very hot. I'm pretty certain that the main fan has died so I need to get that fixed before I can even look to see what else is wrong.


When buying a new fan, make sure you buy 1 with ball bearings. They're not quite as quiet as 1s with sleeve bearings, but they last longer. Also, if your case has mounting points for intake & exhaust fans, but no actual fans mounted in them, you may want to consider getting fans for them too, as that'll help to keep the whole system cooler.
Last time I had this happen I ended up having to replace the CPU, and because my system was more than six months old mine was obsolete and I had to get a new one. Which wouldn't fit my motherboard so I had to replace that, too. And all the memory, which wouldn't fit the new motherboard.

I've now taken the case off and looked inside and it's not good. I'm really not sure it's worth spending money on a fan when that's just the most obvious problem. Looking at the state of it, that's likely to be like putting a band-aid on a broken arm.
Could you get a pro to take a look at it, and reccomend some repair? I'd be glad to contribute.
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