Saturday 15 July

Aye -- been there, done that!

Nice to see there's still a few Charles Addams fans in the world.
Lol! Awesome, damn, so many times that's happened to me! Anywho, cool strips you got here, take care :D
Do you have a copy of the angel and devil without the panels in the middle? A colour version would make an awesome donation gift.
Funny you should mention that.

I had exactly the same thought.

It's going to have to wait until I get a new computer up and running, but before the old one died I had made a very nice test desktop using the b/w image. I think it's going to look great in colour.
I'm also planning to do a special "I saved Planet Karen" wallpaper that is going to go out to everyone who has donated this week.
Cool pic.

Demons always get the best weapons, but at least this time the angel got the best hair.

Now, when faced by similar choices, on my two shoulders there's a demon saying 'buy it' and a devil saying 'the wife's not looking! Go! GO!'
Jesus! I do this too much. I must have a friggin' illustrator's library that the local University would drool over.
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