Sunday 16 July

Computer fund update: it looks like just about everyone who wanted to help out has done so now. I'm going to wait one more day in case anyone else wants to throw me a few dollars, pounds, yen, or groats, and then I'll use it to get the best computer I can afford. If you need any extra incentive I intend to do a special exclusive desktop wallpaper that will only go to people who have donated this week.

Thanks so much to everyone who has contributed. You have saved Planet Karen. You have a right to feel smug.

Oh, there's plenty things those can be used for...

Fingers, keychains, nipples, noserings...
Hey babe, sorry I haven't e-mailed, but I'm still computerless. We're living in Edinburgh now, Glasgow sucked. I've got a job interview tomorrow so wish me luck!

Sucks about the PC but great about the donations! I would donate myself, but we're as broke too! But good to see Planet Karen is thriving!

Love you babe, we'll call soon!

Hey Jess! Sounds like you are having all the good adventures. Good luck with that interview, and call me when you can!

I gotta say, donating for a new computer to keep a great strip running is much more appealing that websites that whine about how they've 'run up tens of thousands of dollars of debt, please pay off my Gucci habit.'

Good luck and good shopping, Karen.
Planet Karen is fabulous - so I admit that the motivation may have been a bit selfish ^_~

Have as much fun with the shopping as possible.
Check, doll. You have more computer fund. Glad it all worked out. I was worried.
Like Jimbo said, they're Thumb-Cuffs. My Ex used to use them to cuff my thumbs together in order to try to tickle me....It never worked. It turns out in the face of a tickle attack, I have the power to break them.

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