Thursday 06 July

Nice. Who is the Super in your building again?
Unrelated to the strip-
why does the vote count go down? Does it get reset every day or something?
it's a league table. every time another comic gets more votes than me they go up and I go down. It's reset at the start of each month and your total score gives a secondary value, so an older comic will be placed higher than a newer comic if they have the same number of votes because the older one will have the higher total score.

I'm thinking of dropping it to be honest. I appreciate the votes I get and it does bring in some new readers but the table has no intrinsic value and the same people are always in the top 10 because they have a bigger fanbase.
Yeah, I suppose it doesn't really mean much. I always enjoyed voting because it felt like I was advancing the planet karen cause.
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